Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. We encourage you to browse through this page to see if your question has been addressed. If you still can not  find the answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us. 
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    No, there is no minimum order. Our glitter is bagged in two ounce increments.
  • What is your glitter made of?
    All of our high-quality glitter is polyester. We inspect each shipment we get in to
    ensure it will meet your standards.
  • What is metallic glitter?
    Metallic glitter reflects light back similar to a mirror, and have a sparkling effect.
  • What is holographic glitter?
    Holographic glitter reflects light back similar to metallic glitter, but also reflects the colors of the rainbow.
  • What is color shifting glitter?
    Color shifting glitter appears to change color based on the angle you are viewing it at.
  • What is iridescent glitter?
    Iridescent glitter is usually pastel in color and have a light sparkle to it.
  • What is a chunky glitter mix?
    A chunky glitter mix can have a mix of metallic, holographic, and iridescent
    glitter in them in a variety of sizes.
  • Can I get shaker labels?
    Yes! Your glitter comes with a label on the bag which can be removed and added to your shaker.
  • I don't see the color/type/size of glitter I need. Are you going to get new
    inventory in?
    Yes! We plan on expanding our inventory very soon. We are just getting started and getting a feel for interest in our business and how much glitter we should keep in stock. If you have a specific glitter that you want stocked, feel free to reach out!